Three Foods Every Toddler Should Eat

From five months old, when I first introduced Olivia to solid foods, she has eaten so very weird combinations of fruit, veg and meat! But as she has grown there have been a few foods I’m so glad I got her eating.

We have raised Olivia on a mostly Paleo Diet with the addition of only a few grains and the occasional piece of Gluten Free Toast. One of her all time favourite foods I’ve made her is Pancakes… but not Pancakes as you know them. I make them myself with Almond Meal, Eggs, Cinnamon and Coconut Oil. The natural sweetness of the Cinnamon and Coconut Oil make them just sweet enough for a toddler without the sugar rush.

Probably her all time favourite food… SMOOTHIES!!! Usually consisting of just Almond Milk and a half a banana with a pinch of Cinnamon or Nutmeg. Low sugar and a great treat. Strawberry, blueberry or mango smoothies also go down really well and leftovers can be easily frozen as ice blocks for another day.

When it came to toilet training “Chocolate Balls” were a total win for us as bribery. This was any type of bliss ball we could get our hands on at the time. But I now make my own of these too so I can control how much sugar is in them. Made up of only a few dates, plenty of nuts, some nut butter, coconut oil and a bit of cinnamon. All pre-soaked (activated) prior to blending and then rolled in Desiccated Coconut to finish. Once set in the fridge they hold together quite nicely without too many dates or dried fruit which is a great alternative to standard bliss balls.

You’re probably wondering why these are the three foods I’m most grateful that my daughter eats. Because these are delicious “treats” for a toddler that can be used as bribery for just about anything! They are also a great way to hide some sneaky vitamin supplements too. I’m always hiding a greens powder, fish oil or cod liver oil, probiotic powder, vitamin C powder or herbal tonic such as Echinacea or Olive Leaf Extract in these.

Smoothies are the easiest because dosing is super easy. One does of each can be added to a single serve smoothie very easily. Bliss balls and Pancakes are a little harder… You first need to work out how many serves you’ll get from each and dose accordingly. Also remembering some things can’t be heated (such as the probiotics and fish oil), those are better left for the bliss balls which are never heated and are stored in the fridge.

Keep an eye out for my smoothie, bliss ball and pancake recipes which are coming soon! If you’re a creative parent have some sneaky ways of getting supplements into your kids food I would love to hear from you. Head to the contact page and send me a message! I’m always on the look out for fresh inspiration.

Let’s get cooking!

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