Naturopath | Mum | Wife | City Life


I’m Rebekah. Mum to Olivia my gorgeous three year old, wife to Steven my gorgeous husband of 10 years this year!!! This post is just a few little facts about me, my family and my life.


I graduated college in 2010 with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine. I’ve recently re-enrolled in college to upgrade my knowledge and education to a Bachelor of Nutrition… I may be mad for returning to study! Only time will tell. I’ve worked in retail health food stores for too many years to count, run my own clinic and worked with some exceptional practitioners of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Remedial Therapies and other complementary therapies.


I have one very beautiful daughter, now three! Where did the time go?! I call her my threenager and if you met her you would know why. Strong willed, determined, knows exactly what she wants and usually how to get it. She is also sweet, sensitive and caring and a joy to be around. I don’t think any further life achievement can even come close to comparing to the sense of pride I feel being the mother of such an amazing little girl.


My husband works in IT. Not quite sure what he does to be honest, but I’m learning every day and trying to keep up. It’s a whole other world with it’s own language and lingo. We have been married for 10 years now. Seriously… where has time gone! I’m not even 30 yet!!! (but there’s only one more week left that I can say that)

City Life

We have finally returned to the city that we love. Melbourne life is a new adventure every day and Olivia and I so enjoy exploring it together. The parks, the zoo, the museum, THE COFFEE!!!! What’s not to love about this beautiful city… Oh yeah the weather! But I think we can live with that, at least for now. We shall see what winter brings!


My Blog

I’m not 100% sure how this will turn out so please join me on the journey and we will figure it out together. I hope to that I can find new and interesting ways to educate and inspire families to live a healthy and clean life in our modern society. I’ll be writing about relevant and trending topics in health, nutrition and diet as well as my personal experiences as a mum, student and wife. I may even throw in a few recipes from time to time.

Let’s get started! 

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